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Child support modifications require court approval

If a New Jersey parent is unable to meet a court-ordered child support obligation, he or she may petition the court for a change. A judge overseeing such a case would review the petition to determine if there is evidence of need, then grant or deny requests for modifications to an existing court order. A recent case in another state involved a woman whose ex had failed to pay child support for nearly 50 years.

Things to know when seeking court order modifications

Many New Jersey married couples are preparing for divorce or have recently finalized their settlements. It is not uncommon for judges to issue court orders in such situations, perhaps regarding child support or alimony payments. As time passes, former spouses often have the need to seek court order modifications.

New Jersey child support modifications: Legitimate reasons needed

Raising kids is typically an expensive endeavor. When they are infants, parents fork out a ton of money on diapers and other baby supplies. As they grow, their needs grow with them, and by the time they are teenagers, many New Jersey parents quip that they feel like they must take out a second mortgage on their home just to afford all the sports fees, clothing and food that are part of their children's everyday needs. In divorce situations, high cost of living and other issues often prompt a need for child support modifications.

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