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Tom Arnold's wife wants full child custody and spousal support

There may be New Jersey residents who are currently navigating divorce. Some will be able to achieve amicable settlements in swift, financially feasible manners. Others, especially those who disagree with their spouses about child custody or financial issues, may find it necessary to seek the court's intervention in order to finalize their plans. Actor Tom Arnold knows what that is like, as he has been divorced three times in the past and is currently trying to resolve several issues as he heads into proceedings for a fourth divorce.

Arnold and his current spouse have two children together. In fact, when she moved out of the family home, she left the kids with their dad. Arnold says he and his children have been living full lives together, and he wants the court to grant shared custody to him and his soon-to-be fourth ex spouse.

She apparently does not think that is a good idea. Instead, the mother of two wants sole legal and physical custody. She also is reportedly planning to request spousal support from Arnold. Every state has its own guidelines regarding custody and financial support issues in divorce.

New Jersey judges overseeing similar cases may consider the details of each situation on a case-by-case basis. Most judges believe children fare best when parents share child custody; however, if a judge believes one parent is more fit than the other, he or she may grant sole legal or physical child custody. An experienced family law attorney can help a concerned parent seek fair and agreeable solutions to child-related issues in divorce.

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