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Issues prompting New Jersey judges to order supervised visitation

The New Jersey family justice system has children's best interests in mind whenever judges are ruling on custody-related issues in divorce. The court sometimes determines it is best to order supervised visitation. The types of issues that may prompt such decisions can vary, and each judge has full discretion to consider every case by its own merits.

Most parents understand that the highest priority in custody and visitation proceedings is to execute an agreement that helps children adapt to their new lifestyle in as healthy a manner as possible. If a parent has a substance abuse problem, for instance, it would definitely warrant further investigation that may prompt a judge overseeing the case to order supervised visits only, at least until such time that the parent in question shows evidence that he or she has been rehabilitated. Physical or sexual abuse are also serious issues that warrant supervised visitation. In fact, in some situations, the court may determine it best for children to cease all contact with a particular parent.

If a parent has been absent from a child's life for an extended period of time and suddenly requests to resume contact, the court may order supervised visits on a temporary or permanent basis, as necessary. While most judges are interested in hearing what each parent has to say regarding what he or she thinks is best for the children involved, the court is always the final voice of authority regarding custody and visitation decisions. Even if a court order already exists, problems can arise that cause a parent concern, and he or she may request modification of the court order.

Supervised visitation is meant to keep children safe. Any New Jersey parent who believes his or her child faces imminent danger or long-term detriment by visiting with a co-parent in an unsupervised environment can bring the issue to the court's immediate attention. An experienced family law attorney can provide valuable support in such circumstances.

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