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"Southern Charm's" Thomas Ravenel fighting for child custody

New Jersey parents who disagree regarding what is best for their children in divorce may be in for a fight if one or the other petitions the court for sole custody. TV star, Thomas Ravenel has done just that, asserting that the mother of his two children is unfit because she is a prescription drug addict. Ravenel's allegations come after the children's mother, Kathryn Dennis had previously lost and regained child custody because of substance abuse issues.

Dennis is said to have failed a drug test in the past, which prompted the judge overseeing the case to take away her custody. She reportedly went through rehab and her custodial rights were restored. In a recent filing, however, Ravenel has not only requested sole custody of his two kids, but he has also asked the court to order Dennis to pay child support.

Ravenel 's petition states that Dennis uses prescription drugs illegally and often drinks alcohol while taking them. The father says his children are at risk when they are left in the care of their mother. He also says "Southern Charm" producers and other cast members have taken part in illegal drug activities by buying, selling and trading drugs with Dennis.

New Jersey judges, like those in all states, have discretion to decide child custody issues on a case-by-case basis. The children's best interests is the focal point of any custody proceedings. Any parent who believes his or her children are being placed in harm's way due to a co-parent's substance abuse problems may bring the situation to the court's immediate attention and, if necessary, seek modification of an existing court order.

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