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December 2018 Archives

Do you have questions regarding post divorce real estate?

They say life is a series of ever-changing events. Like many other New Jersey residents, you might be inclined to agree, except for that string of years that felt like it was lasting an eternity where everything in your marriage stayed the same. You and spouse had stopped talking, stopped being friends and stopped trying to resolve problems you determined long ago were not resolvable. Now that you're moving on in life, you might be concerned with numerous changes that are going to take place, especially issues pertaining to post divorce real estate.

Tax deductions on alimony payments: What you should know for 2019

In the past, divorced parties responsible for paying alimony to an ex-spouse had the ability to deduct such amounts from their federal income taxes. However, amid the significant tax bill signed into law in 2017, that rule is about to change. If you are paying or will pay spousal support, now is the time to pay attention.

Who will get the pet after a divorce?

If you are like most people, when it comes to their pet, they consider them a part of the family. Pets can be wonderful because for the most part, they never get mad at you and they are forever devoted to you. During a divorce, a pet may be there to comfort you when times are stressful. But what happens when the divorce is finalized? Who gets the pet?

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